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Torum is designed to connect worldwide cryptocurrency users!


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Welcome to Torum - Social network for crypto enthusiasts that aims to form a powerful one-stop ecosystem by bridging the gap between cryptocurrency communities across the world.

Well the title speaks for it self. Today we will be looking into Torum which is a newer social network for crypto enthusiasts which looks like a mix of facebook and twitter into one. Torum got its own token/coin which still are in its IEO faze which will end in about 5 months of writing this preview. This token is widely used to reward people for being active, can be gifted by other users for making quality content and much more like non tradeable collectives for getting 20 of each kind of gifts that can be given and much more.

Torum support your profile, company pages and even so called Clans. Your profile userfull for following others peoples, posting anything, comments and share. Company pages is something you can create and interact with the crypto community, follow other companies or user profiles. Clans are like smaller forums and groups each with their own goal no matter if its memes, sharing ref links or other crypto content

User-Friendly Design:

Torum is very well designed and its easy to find what you look for no matter if its new people to follow, companies or clans or as well see messages, your site wallet or anything else. Torums design is also well optimized for mobile users even tho there is no apps yet, but you can always bookmark it for your phone homescreen.

There is no ads at all, but beside that it has all the features you can expect from a social network to have to make it a good social network, just that it reward users instead of stealing their information like some other social networks do, not gonna mention any names cough cough...

How the sign up reward system works:

In Torum platform you get reawards for social activity (network missions) like posts, comments, create threads, following and more.

There is one special mission called the referral system. It is a commission system given to Landers (users of Torum) who successfully invited other users. Both inviters and invitees are rewarded with 35 XTM. Torum rewards its Landers for inviting and like all referral system. It is another fun field where we can be creative such as create an article about Torum and embed a referral link, invite people by broadcasting the referral link on mainstream social media, forum, and/or messaging apps, and advertise using Internet advertisements.

!Important! This rewards have acctual state only during open beta phase. You needs submit your mail and phone number (via WhatsUp) for get Your Rewards.

So, you have unique possibility to join crypto community and take easy rewards for registration now.